Exterior Detailing


In this section we look at the process of detailing the exterior of a car from the initial wash to application of your Last Step Product. Detailing a car can be a very fun and rewarding experience…and at the same time be frustrating if certain methods and procedures are not followed!

If you are new to detailing you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are many detailing products on the market with each one claiming to do better than the next – some of these products are useless while others are excellent. Through out the pages of this section I recommend some products that I have found useful – if I haven’t used it then I don’t recommend it. Likewise, if I have used it and don’t find it useful then I don’t recommend it.

So…where to begin? Well, below I have a chart that tries to identify the typical steps for a complete exterior detail (simply click on it to enlarge it). The boxes in the chart have associated pages in this section that describe each process. If you are not doing a complete detail, feel free to browse at will – it is my sincere hope that you will reap the rewards of detailing that I have.