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Now I know why there are so many people who enjoy chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees the results.

~Albert Einstein

I love the above quote as it provides a genesis for two important points related to detailing (Einstein, however, made the comment in relation to physics). First, there are a growing number of people who find detailing cars enjoyable. The reason? There is a certain sense of satisfaction one achieves by taking a neglected car and turning it into a piece of art…and, generally, in short time – results are not immediate but close enough. This is important…detailing is a rewarding activity!! Second, this quote should serve as a warning that expecting results ‘too’ immediately will undoubtedly result in a neglected car ending up worse off than it started! Detailing takes patience! Perhaps the most often used quote in detailing is “use the least aggressive method first”. In Einstein’s quote, ‘chopping wood’ is akin to using an ‘aggressive method’.

Now that I got those two points out of the way, Welcome! This site is, as you may have guessed, dedicated to automotive detailing. In particular, this is a ‘how to’ site that aims to dispel myths and present facts – a resource for both novice and professional alike! If you are new to detailing you might be wondering: “where do I begin?”. With the plethora of techniques, products, and detailing forums it is often hard to know ‘what is right’ and ‘what is wrong’, ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’, and ‘can I do this’ or ‘should I do that’. It is my hope that this site will enable to you work through automotive detailing in a systematic way.

Detailing can be broken down into the ‘exterior’ and ‘interior’. Simply click on the ‘Exterior’ menu above to better understand the process for detailing the exterior of a car – from initial washing to putting on your Last Step Product (LSP). Likewise, click on the ‘Interior’ menu above to better understand the procedure for detailing the interior of a car – from basic carpet cleaning to beautifying the whole interior.

In addition to Exterior and Interior detailing, there are pages for ‘Miscellaneous’ and ‘Links’. ‘Miscellaneous’ looks at all those things that don’t necessarily fall into exterior/interior detailing or stand-alone topics that are not necessarily ‘how to’ (to include FAQs). ‘Links’ includes links to other detailing websites, forums, vendors, and files that may be of interest. Oh, and I almost forgot…the ‘About’ page gives some information about me and more about why I developed this site! Finally, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, recommendations, etc., please do not hesitate to Contact me!

If you are a veteran detailer…well, I hope you find this site interesting as well! Feel free to browse at will – maybe something will peak your interest.